Thurmina Adams was born as the only child to her father and the only daughter to her mother. At the age of six, Thurmina dedicated her life to God under the leadership of Reverend Davis. She has always loved going to fellowship in the church building. At 10 years old her family joined South Post Oak Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Remus Wright. This is where she then joined the choir under the leadership of Micah Stampley. She stayed at the church until her family decided to join Second Corinth Baptist Church. During this time she was in the school choir at Dowling Middle School and then on to Madison High School under the leadership of Linda Knight Burkley. This is when she finally told people singing is what makes her happy!

When she was 15 she started struggling mentally and felt lost. No matter what church they were at or where her family was she was not happy. She has always sung in the both Choir’s. She sung in the school and church choir the whole time. 


At the age of 16 her family went back to South post Oak Baptist Church, which was now Fountain of Praise. This is where she began to understand the difference in churches. While at Fountain of Praise Thurmina sing with the young adult choir under the leadership of Greta Jordan and Earl Duncan. Here she also sung with the mass choir under the leadership of Pam Davis and Kurt Carr. This is where she realized she wanted more of God. Not until she became an adult did she understand why her family moved from these churches. Although as a child, she felt as long as she was in church singing, she was good. This is what she thought.  


 While following her family and trying to understand what God meant to her, she became extremely depressed. Not to mention she had severe pains throughout her entire body daily and felt the pain was normal. She graduated from James Madison High School. She completed a theater class under the guidance and teachings of Charnell Brown. She has completed and been to cosmetology. She is not a licensed cosmetologist because she had a severe car wreck that set her back. She had to go through therapy, counseling and so much more. She still suffers from the effects of the wreck from 2004. She is wrote a book called, "Demons In The Pulpit". This book is about her life. The book talks about how she went through many struggles, all while in ministry and amongst many leaders. Thurmina has completed 2 individual classes, Spiritual Warfare with Pastor Danielle Mc-Cord Williams and Emerging Voices " on facebook, under her facebook name Minister-Butterfly" with Dr. Tenekia Hill. She has completed a communications course “Effective Communication” and completed courses at Penn Foster for Photography. She has completed The School of the Prophets under the leadership of Prophet Shawn & Tora Morris. She has been licensed many times, yet the license she has recognized and admired the most was the license given by Prophet Cedric D. Pitts. This is the one God instructed her to keep and hold on to.


Thurmina has an amazing testimony, from attempting suicide 13 times, to being in an abusive relationship with man and one with a woman. She was once an alcoholic & smoked marijuana, as she tried to suppress her pains. She was promiscuous and didn’t care about her body. She has been affiliated with gangs thinking it’ll make her whole. She has been clean from alcohol for 10 years and hasn’t felt it was mandatory to have daily. She has had 2 traumatic brain injuries. The first one in 2004, they said she would never do much for herself again. The second one was in 2014, where she reverted back to depression for about 5 months. 


Thurmina was once on 13 prescription drugs a day to none for the past 7 years. Thurmina has a lot more to the testimony that’ll make you understand why she desires to praise and worship God. 

Thurmina Adams is now a mother of 2 daughters biologically, mother of 4 by love, spiritual mother of 1, and a grandmother of 1 by love. This would total her to have 7 children and 1 grandchild! Each of her children are loved equally and each child has a place in her heart that NO ONE can replace. Yet, each child is reminded of what the Bible says and how they can find it to get an understanding for themselves. Thurmina is a minister, she is the manager and overseer of her daughter’s ministry FIYAH “Forever Illustrating Yahweh as Holy” by Mihea & there is more to come.